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Technology in Real Estate: Are You Caught Up?

The introduction of technology has completely transformed the world. From the

invention of the internet to tech industries being one of the most lucrative, there’s no

denying the power of technology.

I obtained my degree in computer science and have always loved technology. Why?

Because you learn a different way of thinking, a different way of processing information,

and it’s always changing and evolving. I leverage technology in everything I do.

While it isn’t always embraced by everyone, its intent is to make life easier by saving

time and reducing or removing manual processes through automation and digitization.

I learned how to use technology and by also learning the business environment, I

discovered the integration between technology and business. I was now able to

understand: the business drivers, the bottom line, and how to leverage this information

to adapt and make changes. Understanding one aspect is fine, but understanding

both business and technology for me has been critical for my journey to success.

Real Estate and Tech

It’s hard to imagine how different the real estate industry was before technology. Buyers

and sellers went to a broker’s physical location to inquire about a real estate agent.

And agents had to do much more manual work to find clients. Technology drastically

changed and transformed the real estate industry for the better.

Although commercial real estate is usually behind residential in terms of adapting to

technological changes, both sectors have found success incorporating technology into

their day-to-day activities.

Trends in Real Estate Now

Artificial Intelligence (AI) - AI is being used in real estate to eliminate repetitive tasks

and manual work to ultimately help save time and personalize the experience for

customers. The software is used to answer questions from sellers/buyers, and serve as an

agent’s assistance throughout the process.

Augmented Reality - If you’ve explored real estate in the last few years, you’ve most

likely experienced a 3D virtual tour. This concept is designed to make people feel like

they’re in the home without having to view it in person.

Mobile Apps - There are various real estate apps for renting and purchasing via mobile

platforms. Apps like these offer several benefits for potential renters to locate a property

using the app’s database. Plus, consumers who are interested in purchasing or selling a

property can also use the app to find a house and contact the agent on the listing.

Tech Resources to Look At

Today, real estate professionals have a myriad of different resources available at their

disposal. Here are some of the most popular real estate tools that are used today:

● Multiple Listing Services (MLS)

● Social media

● Brokerage websites

● In-app communications

If you have any questions about how to utilize these resources to your advantage, don’t

hesitate to reach out. I help agents make the most of their time using social media and


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